Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Essence of Travelling

As a 23 year-old Filipina, I am not that well-travelled. I have only visited four countries so far and I have not seen much and have not observed much yeat of what is out there. However, i have to be proud of myself and I am happy of the little achievement that I have. With the few travels that I have, I have learned a lot from them. I was able to compare the culture and the way of life of people in each place and have gained some understanding that each one of us in this world is different.

No matter how varied people are, I have observed that all have the same aspirations. Among these are to have better life, more finances to support life and leisure, a good heart in nature and aspirations to be happy. When I was in Mlaysia, I have seen how busy people in Kuala Lumpur were. They were earning and working much. When I tried to see the more remote cities and province like Port Dickson and Melaka, the way of life is different. The same is tru in the Philippines and in Italy.
If I am to be asked if travelling has changed my life, the answer is yes. I hope this year I can go to another country or two to have my observation and to give me more understanding of the underlying culture that makes up the place. Cukture is very important to make a country progressive or not. Before, I travel like a blind, never that observant and it was something I considered a lost. But now that I discovered a place to put all them, which is here and in another site where I make reviews, I find it more interesting to go around, pay more attention and be keen to details. I am happy to share what I have learned. To explore and to learn.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Scary and Turbulent Flight Home

Have you ever took a plane and got scared when you are up there? Or you have taken a plane and you were not nervous but someone made you so? Or have you taken a plane when someone is SO nervous that you have been contaminated by him/her? I don't know your answer but for me, the answer is YES!

I have this experience to share with you. It was at least my tenth time boarding the Cebu Pacific Air plane. That certain flight, which was from Malaysia to Philippines last September had a departure time of 2 in the morning so it was very dark in the air and I could not enjoy the usual window view of the things down as we flew. . It was a bit rainy and cloudy night and the flight had a constant warning to fasten the seatbelts due to turbulence.
However, there was one passenger with us, just across our row, who was not able to handle all the turbulence and got a bit nervous. She was praying too loud on the plane that despite the noise, all of us could hear. She was murmuring "Lord God, save me. Lord God save me!". The rest of the passengers of course got concerned and called the attention of the flight attendants. Only by then that everyone realized that she already had oxygen/breathing difficulty. The good thing about it was the fact that the flight attendants were so quick and very supportive of the passengers' needs. They took a little oxygen tank and let the woman breath in it. Then, another flight attendant called on through a microphone for any doctor in the flight. And we were so lucky to have ONE in that certain flight and she obliguely volunteered to help and sat near the woman, who had the adjacent seat empty that time (what a coincidence!).

To make the story short, we all landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) safely and a bit satisfied with the flight. We have seen the good service during the flight and the helpfulness of everyone. The lesson to those fliers is: If you feel bad during the flight, do not hesitate to call for a help. That woman never asked for a help, she was only lucy to have concerned fellow passengers who called the attention of the attendants. And to Cebu Pacific Air, despite the fact that they have the lowest fare in town, they also do good service that time. Compliments. This airline has its website at Just don't purchase in their main office in Manila though because both the Robinsons Galleria office and Robinsons Manila Office are always packed with hundred of ticket buyers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"La Fonte" Restaurant and Pizzeria

The thing that amazes me here in Italy is the food. There is a very wide variety and all these are tasty and very very yummy! Of course there is no equivalent for a Casa linga (home taste) but sometimes it is needed to stop by a restaurant and have some good time and try some food. One night, we happen to see and eat at La Fonte.

This place is a restaurant - pizzeria about 100 meters aways from the Villapiana Beach along the via Nazionale. This is in the province of Cosenza of Calabria Region. It is really a big place that can cater up to 300 persons and have also a wide parking area for diners who have cars with them. Even it was a bit dark when we dined I see that the ambiance is really good for the fact that it is spacious and there are arc ways from the parking lot towards the entance of the place.The parking area is far from the entance, thus, parked cars don't destroy the tranquil ambiance of the place. Before the entrance there is also an open air place for smiokers.

Inside, the decor is really good and sophisticated. There are framed photos of various famous comedians hanging on the wall. Wines are displayed at various shelves along the walls. A wide flat screen TV near the door is also ready for the diners. When we arrived, there were only two diners occupying a table but when we left, people were starting to come group after group and there were at least eight tables occupied with four persons each.

When it comes tot the food, the specialty is the "La Fonte" but I ordered the Capricciosa because I liked to have a mushroom in my pizza that time. My companions had their Pizza Rucola, (the one with beautiful red tomatoes), a Patatine Fritte (french fries) and Spaghetti Vongole (spag with sea shells). Of course these were coupled with drinks of beer (wine is plenty at home) and later on with desserts of gelato (ice cream). It was really a good dine for fifty euros and we were seated at the nearest table to the fire palce.

In case you visit at the vicinity and try to dine at this place (and I suggest you do), you may also call 0981 56254 for inquiries. It is "La Fonte" Ristorante - Pizzeria Sala Ricevimenti.